Roca Labs Regimen Reviews: Roger’s Story

Roger had been obese since the age of 8. Now, at 35, Roger has struggled with his weight for over 20 years. To lose the weight, there wasn’t much he hadn’t tried aside from undergoing gastric bypass surgery. Every method had the same results: he’d experience a weight drop and soon regain it, plus, a little more than before. Not only did he look bad, but he felt even worse. He suffered from migraines, hyperthyroidism, circulatory problems and more.

Physically he was very tired, and he could not even make it up a flight of stairs without feeling exhausted. Shopping for clothes was aggravating to say the least; when he did find itmes that he liked. they did not come in his size.

Roger was embarrassed to take his shirt off at the beach, since he hated the way he looked. His “AHA” moment came when he went to iFly ( an indoor skydiving practice place ) and he was unable to participate because he was too fat!

Roger loves his family and didn’t want to die early, suffer from a stroke, heart attack or even develop diabetes because of his weight. He refused to miss any of his children’s childhood because of his obesity. He knew he had to take control of his life and body for a better future.

RL 22

Roger decided to have the gastric bypass surgery. He thought this was his only solution to achieve a healthy weight. He began looking on the internet for reviews of each surgery. Roger was searching to see what type of weight loss surgery would work best for him. He compared the gastric sleeve to the gastric bypass as these were the two that he  was most familiar with and seemed the most popular. He was concerned because most of the people he knew that had gastric bypass surgery had suffered many complications and side effects. As he was searching, he found a blog that someone had written about an alternative to gastric bypass surgery that helped them lose the pounds and maintain a healthy weight.
Roger searched further and found the Roca Labs regimen. He was shocked to learn that the Roca Labs regimen was able to create a gastric bypass effect without having to undergo the actual surgery. He was excited to get started and ready to commit to a healthy lifestyle. He immediately filled out the application and was approved within a few hours.

RL 23

Roca Labs Gastric Bypass Alternative

Roger began using the Roca Labs regimen in September 2013. He weighed 300+ pounds and was wearing a size 48 in pants and a 52 jacket. He states that his biggest challenge was the month of December. He always seemed to gain weight this time of the year, but last December he actually dropped 12 pounds!

Roger realized that his obesity was a sickness–sometimes it was psychological and other times physical. He learned he could fight the sickness by changing his mentality and using the Roca Labs regimen as a support tool.

Changing the Way He Looked at Food

Roger used to think:

  • I need to eat a lot or I will become malnourished
  • I need to eat more than the rest of my family
  • I need to eat everything on my plate
  • My stomach is bigger than other people, so I need more food
  • Food equals comfort and I need to eat when I’m stressed
  • If I skip breakfast I need to eat more to compensate
  • I need to eat more at night
  • Always eat when I feel hungry

Now he knows:

  • He won’t become malnourished if he eats a well balanced meal
  • He no longer uses food for comfort; he used the Anti-Cravings® at 5 p.m. everyday to eliminate cravings
  • The stomach capacity is like the size of your fist, if you continue to eat after fullness it will expand.
  • Sometimes hunger feelings are really thirst feelings
  • He does not need to eat large portions
  • It takes your stomach 10 minutes to send the signal to the brain that you are full.

Roger’s Tips and Tricks to His Success Using the Roca Labs Regimen

  • When he feels hungry between meals, he does not snack; instead he drinks water or chews a piece of sugarless gum.
  • He uses a smaller-sized plate
  • Instead of eating high calorie foods at mealtimes, he opts for a healthier choice. Instead of fried he chooses grilled foods including vegetables!
  • He made exercise a part of his daily routine
  • He used the success belt and measured his body each month for inches
  • Changing your mind changes your body!

RL 24

Roger’s weight has dropped down to 220 pounds; he has achieved a 100-pound weight loss. He is wearing a size 38 in pants and a 46 jacket. He enjoys exercising and weight lifting–something he thought he would never do. He even runs to get upstairs! Roger is no longer suffering from migraine headaches.

He states: “I feel so good! I think God helped me find Roca Labs.”

His family is so proud of him and he receives many compliments from both family and friends.

Roger lost 100 pounds using the Roca Labs Regimen, and took advantage of the Roca Labs Reward program; however, his greatest reward was his health and improved looks and his second was the way his daughters look at him.

Roger believes in paying it forward and is committed to inspiring others to lose weight. He says he found Roca Labs through a blog and it is only fitting that he shares his Roca Labs success the same way!

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9 Responses to Roca Labs Regimen Reviews: Roger’s Story

  1. sharon says:

    Wow! You look awesome. That’s inspiring!!


  2. Haze says:

    Wow! Your weight loss success is very impressive. I have lost 30 lbs so far, I am happy with the result but I still need to lose more. Yes, Roca Labs eliminates the hunger and will change your bad eating habits, it changed my terrible eating habit. I want to be that 150 lbs again.


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  4. Kimberly says:

    One thing I could say, amazing. How Roger was able to lose 100 lbs is amazing.

    Liked by 2 people

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