Roca Labs Before and After–Chris went from Fat to Fit in Only a Few Months!

RL 19Chris, is 41-years-old and lives in Dallas, Texas. He works as a production lead person. When he was 24, he lost his job as a physical laborer and had to take an office job. Chris was not as active with this sedentary job and began to pack on the pounds. He was eating fast food and pizza 3 to 5 times a week. Before he even realized it, he weighed over 250 pounds. He was wearing a size 36 in jeans and found that they were getting very tight to the point where he actually split the seams on two pairs at work. He was so embarrassed! Chris hated having his picture taken and would hide from the camera. He didn’t want to see himself. Chris hated the reflection in the mirror and decided he had to do something to change it.

Tried and Failed Weight Loss Methods

Chris tried taking diet pills, but really didn’t like the way they made him feel. He even did some diets like Atkins. They would work at first, but never in the long run. He would lose around 10 pounds but always ended up gaining it right back plus more. He felt like he was a yo-yo–so much up and down movement on the scale. He felt he tried it all out there besides gastric bypass surgery. He didn’t want to go the surgery route, but he needed something strong and effective to help him control his eating.

The Search and Finding Roca Labs

Chris started looking on the web for the best weight loss surgeries. He was searching for the LAP-BAND® and the Roca Labs Gastric Bypass NO Surgery® came up. It peaked his interest and he decided to visit the site to learn more about the Roca Labs Regimen; Chris decided to do a search for some before and after stories. He was pleased to find there were many success stories. He decided to fill out an application to see if he would even qualify to use the formula. Chris was approved within 24 hours. He was excited to get started.

So it Began

Chris admits that he was nervous the first day he took the Roca Labs Mixture. He didn’t know what to expect and he really wanted this to work. After consuming his first dose, he could actually feel the gastric bypass effect. “My stomach actually felt smaller,” said Chris.

He was now able to eat about half of what he had been eating on a daily basis. Since he was not a morning eater, Chris took his Roca Labs mixture in the afternoon, as this is what worked best for him. One of the great things about Roca Labs is that is customizable. You can decide when to take it and how much to take–whatever works best for you. In the evening, he would take the Anti-Cravings® to fight those late-night cravings.

Chris believes the Anti-Cravings® had a lot to do with achieving his weight loss as he had no desire to eat or snack at night like he did in the past. Chris also found another amazing benefit resulting from the use of the Anti-Cravings®. His desire to smoke cigarettes had greatly decreased!

RL 20Getting Results with Roca Labs

After using the Roca Labs Mixture for 5 months Chris was down to 182 pounds and wearing a size 32 jeans. After 7 months, he was weighing in at 170 pounds and wearing a size 30 in pants. He maintained that weight for a few months and decided to order an additional supply of formula so he could reach his goal weight between 155 and 160 pounds.

His current weight is 157 pounds. He started out wearing a size 36/38 pants and is now wearing a size 29!  Chris says he  would never have believed he would have lost that much weight without surgery.

“This, so far, has been a life changer and has made it to where I can compete in indoor soccer games again,” he stated.

Chris receives compliments all the time now from friends and family. Not only does he look better, he’s much more active. People are even saying he looks younger! His soccer teammates have even noticed how much faster and agile he is.
Chris used to suffer from back pain, but not anymore; he’s also quit smoking altogether! He feels healthier now than he has in over 20 years. Chris recommends the Roca Labs regimen to everyone that is trying to lose weight–it’s the safer method than opting for bariatric surgery.


8 Responses to Roca Labs Before and After–Chris went from Fat to Fit in Only a Few Months!

  1. Hi friend!

    The Stamford Advocate reports 17-year-old Marquest Hall was sentenced Tuesday by a judge who called

    Warmest, Della Contreras


  2. Tina says:

    You are a great inspiration! Thanks for the encouragement!


  3. sharon says:

    Chris you look great! I am down 65 lbs using the Roca Labs Regimen. I hope I can reach my goal. Thanks for sharing your inspiring story.


  4. Haze says:

    Congratulations on your weight loss Chris, your story is an inspiration.


  5. Claire says:

    I have started with my formula yesterday and I am loving it!!! It is in deed working! I have finally proven to myself that this is the best weight loss secret ever. Now it should never be a secret. I will share this to my friends and family. I have followed the instructions religiously- exercised, drank the right amount of water and no side effects hit me. Thank you Roca Labs, you are a blessing to me.


  6. rogermorillo says:

    Congratulations and thank you for your story. I personally was 48 pants and now 38. I had to buy 3 times pants this year, first 42, second 40 and now 38. Roca Labs works for me too.


  7. mariem873 says:

    This is great information, I am beginning tomorrow to use the Roca Labs regimen. I am super excited! You are an inspiration to me!


  8. claire says:

    Wow Chris, you look great and healthy! Keep it up.


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