Denise’s Successful Weight Loss Story with Roca Labs

RL 13Denise is 48-years-old and lives in Maryland; she’s a wife, mother and grandmother. Growing-up, Denise always struggled with weight issues. When she got married at the age of 19, she was already wearing a size 14. Then, after birthing four children just a few years after marriage, her weight kept creeping up more and more. Like most women, she found herself unable to get rid of the pregnancy weight.

Sure, throughout those years she had tried dieting and actually lost a few pounds several times. Yet, each of those times, the weight (and then some) came right back. She felt defeated and soon gave up on dieting all together.

Facing Obesity and Avoiding Surgery

Recently, Denise became a grandmother and she noticed that she was avoiding pictures due to her size. She knew she had a serious problem that needed to be addressed. She had to get the weight off. She didn’t want to avoid mirrors or run from the camera anymore.

She had talked with her doctor about gastric bypass surgery and had even began the process with her medical insurance for approval. But after her initial visit with the surgeon, both her and her family had reservations on the invasive surgery. Denise then decided that she needed to look for an alternative to surgery. She needed something as strong as a surgery, but without all the risks associated with it. Honestly, she was downright scared of the surgery.

Surprisingly, Denise’s husband was the one who found the Roca Labs Gastric Bypass alternative online, and he quickly shared the information with Denise back in January. After reviewing all the information on the website and reading reviews, Denise decided to order. She admits, she was alarmed at the price at first, but realized in the long run she would be saving money on food. It was still a lot cheaper than having gastric bypass surgery, even with insurance.

She was approved within 24 hours and received her first package a few days later. She was excited to get started! Denise set her mind to really doing this not only for her husband, kids and grandchildren, but also for herself.

Off to a Good Start

Denise started off her first day with the Roca Lab mixture; Denise said she could feel the Gastric bypass formula take effect immediately. Denise noticed she was not hungry like she usually was and did not get her usual hunger pains. She felt satisfied with eating smaller portions and did not feel deprived. She was surprised that the Anti-Cravings supplement worked perfectly. After taking it for about a week, she noticed she no longer had cravings for those bad foods that she used to have. Denise mixes her formula in the blender with any red juice mix, which she finds to be the best taste for her.

Achieving Weight Loss

The first month using Roca Labs Regimen, she lost 30 pounds! Seeing those results gave her the encouragement to achieve her weight loss and it kept her motivated. By May, she was down to 235 lb and so was her blood pressure. Her doctor even took her off her medication for high blood pressure! Denise’s doctor was very impressed with her weight loss. In the beginning, Denise used Roca Labs 5 days a week, but now she only uses the regimen 3 times a week.

By July, her weight loss has slowed down, but she continued to lose. Denise weighed 195 lb at this point. She could not believe that she weighed less than 200 lb–a first in a very long time. She lost a total of 130 pounds! Denise didn’t think that was even possible without having surgery. Her next goal was to weigh 150 pounds by Christmas.RL 14

Healthy Changes

Denise used to wear a size 4X. Today she is wearing a size 10/12! She reports that she feels healthier than she ever has in years.

She watches her two granddaughters full-time now, with plenty of energy to keep up with them. Today, she walks about 2 hours a day–something she never thought she would be able to do–plus, the pain in her back and joints was no longer present. And the best part? She isn’t camera shy anymore. In fact, she loves taking tons of pictures with her granddaughters.

Her  family and friends can’t believe the transformation Denise has gone through in such a short period of time. Friends and family are always complimenting her on how great she looks. Denise not only looks good, but more important she feels good. She is eating healthier and living an active life. Something she thought she would never be able to do on her own.

Denise states; “Not only did I get my life back, but I got the life that I want to live! Roca Labs Gastric Bypass Alternative really works and I’m living proof!”


3 Responses to Denise’s Successful Weight Loss Story with Roca Labs

  1. sharon says:

    Denise, your before and after pictures are amazing. I’m impressed.


  2. Kimberly says:

    You look great! The best thing here is that you were able to avoid surgery.


  3. rogermorillo says:

    Denise, thank you for share your experience with us. It´s great to know that you still have goals to loose more weight, Roca Labs help us to learn again to eat. I know that you will reach that goal. Thank you again.


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