Richard’s Story–One Man’s Adventure on Losing over 100 lb with Roca Labs

Rich 2The Beginning

Richard is a 59-year-old husband, father and former utility worker, who lives in Oregon. In 2007, Richard had to stop working due to a hip replacement and a bad back. He was put on permanent disability and stuck at home. Richard started gaining weight. He stands 5’’10” and his weight plummeted to 340 lbs. His BMI was an astounding 48.8!

He tried every diet there was—Atkins, Weight Watchers, diet pills, Dr. Oz’ advice—and would lose weight, but as soon as he stopped, he gained it right back.

This past year Richard told his wife, Jackie, that something had to give—he had to lose weight or he was going to die. Richard did not want gastric bypass surgery. He had known too many people who had undergone those types of surgeries. He didn’t like the diet restrictions you had to stay on for the rest of your life, plus, most of the people gained the weight they lost back eventually. Richard was looking on the internet for an alternative and found Roca Labs Gastric Bypass No Surgery. He had heard about it before and knew from what he read it had been successful in Europe for some years. He told his wife he was going to place an order, so he filled out the health application and was approved the same day. Richard was pleasantly surprised when he received his kit within a few days of ordering.

Starting the Roca Labs Regimen

Richard started taking the Roca Labs Mixture on March 3, 2014. He decided that he would only eat when he was hungry. He was going to eat to live and not live to eat. Richard found he wasn’t hungry, even on the first day he took it. He noticed that he could feel the gastric bypass effect that Roca Labs claims. His stomach did not feel as it had the capacity to hold as much food as it did before he started using the Roca Labs Regimen. He was eating very few calories a day. His wife was concerned that Richard wasn’t eating enough, but he told her that he wasn’t hungry. He felt great, and had a lot of energy—something that he lacked before. Due to his hip and back problems, he was limited as far as exercising, but he was able to do pool therapy 3 days a week and walk his dogs at least a mile every day. Richard would take the Anti-Cravings at lunch and dinner and it really helped him to avoid snacking. He just didn’t have the cravings anymore.

Losing and Gaining

Richard had lost an amazing 80 lbs. in only 3 months, and he stopped using the Roca Labs Regimen for about a month. Richard and his wife had gone on a couple of trips and he overindulged a bit. During this time, however, Richard did gain 15 lbs. Once he restarted the Roca Labs Regimen, though, he had lost 7 pounds within a week!

Richard got back on track weighing-in at 242 pounds, and was committed to losing 45 more pounds. His goal was to be below 200 pounds. He used to wear a size 48 (and was almost in a 50) now he’s wearing a size 40!


Richard  still enjoyed all the foods he used to, but he just ate smaller portions.Roca Labs taught him portion control. Richard loves pizza and before he would eat it several times a week, whereas now he limits it to one slice once a week. Richard says: “It is great not to deprive myself of the things I enjoy.”


Enjoying Life

His family and friends are so proud of him and tell him often how great he looks.  Richard’s family have planned an outing to go ziplining, something he was never able to do before. His family couldn’t be more excited! Not only does Richard look better on the outside, he also feels healthier and is able to do more physical activities. Richard has a Harley Davidson that he couldn’t ride for over a year due to the weight, but now he can take it out and enjoy a nice ride.


8 Responses to Richard’s Story–One Man’s Adventure on Losing over 100 lb with Roca Labs

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    I wanted to share with you my excitement about an amazing day I’ve spent with my family, here are some photos

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  4. sharon says:

    What a supportive family. I’m glad you have your health back and you can do things you haven’t done in a while.


  5. Haze says:

    Hi Richard, you look a lot younger. I envy your determination as I am still struggling to lose more weight. I lost 30lbs and I am happy, however, reading your story made me remember an experience,it was when me and my hubby tried the 1 km zipline, it was fun but I couldn’t forget how the 2 guys who assisted me and laughed because I was too heavy. I just laughed back and joke about my weight but deep down……….. Crossing fingers will not work for a great work, I will exercise more.


  6. Kimberly says:

    Richard, you are right when you said you will eat to live and not live to eat. I ‘m sure your family must be very proud of you. The decision to lose weight requires determination.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. rogermorillo says:

    Richard, I enjoy a lot how your family are very excited about your weight loss. I think we must do it for them. I enjoy too that now you can follow your dreams riding you Harley Davison again. Thank you, for your experience. Bless for you and your family.

    Liked by 1 person

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