Weight Loss After Breast Cancer–Marty’s Story using Roca Labs Gastric Bypass NO Surgery



Marty is your average 42 year old working mother of two from Ohio. She works in the insurance field. In 2012 she was diagnosed  with breast cancer. Fortunately Marty won her battle against breast cancer and as of this writing is cancer free. After beating cancer, Marty now faced another challenge – losing weight.

Many cancer patients gain weight when they are treated with chemotherapy and steroids. The body may also hold onto this weight after treatment due to the use of hormonal therapy ( tamoxifen ) or even due to menopause brought on by chemotherapy. Feelings of weakness, tiredness, depression and a overall sick feeling leads to bad eating habits and  limited physical activity resulting  in unwanted weight gain.

Marty began her fight against fat about 5 months ago. She tried using diet pills ( over the counter and prescription ) to help her lose weight, but she found the side effects to unpleasant to deal with. She tried protein shakes, but reported that she was hungry an hour later. Marty also tried weight watchers and found she lost some weight but didn’t have the time or energy to stick with the plan and ended up gaining back what she lost. Marty met up with one of her friends that she hadn’t seen in awhile and noticed right away how much weight her friend had lost. Sharon, her friend who is a diabetic struggled  with weight most of her adult life. Marty immediately asked her what she had been doing to lose weight. Marty automatically thought that Sharon must have had gastric bypass surgery because she had lost so much weight in what seemed like such a short period of time. Sharon didn’t have gastric bypass or any other type of weight loss surgery, although she did consider it. Her friend explained she was using a regimen called Roca Labs Gastric bypass NO surgery. Marty was intrigued and wanted to try it for herself. Sharon gave some to Marty to try. From day one Marty felt a difference! She decided to go online and order her own Roca Labs.

Marty’s Weight Loss Journey using Roca Labs Gastric bypass NO surgery

After  using Roca Labs for only 3.5 months , Marty dropped 34 pounds! She went from a size 22 to a 14 pants size.

Marty starts her day by taking a dose of the Roca Labs regimen 5 days a week. From day one she could feel the gastric bypass effect in her stomach. She felt like she had very little room in her stomach and was only able to eat very little food. Even though Roca Labs is associated with a few avoidable side effects such as bloated stomach and gas, Marty did not experience any side effects. Marty stated that Roca Labs helped her to control her food portions. By controlling her food portions she was eating less and able to lose weight easily. Marty noticed that after only a few weeks of taking the Roca Labs Anti cravings supplement she no longer had her usual night time cravings. Her cravings for sweets disappeared and she found herself reaching for a carrot stick instead of cookie. She does not feel deprived or like she is on a diet. She is still able to enjoy all the same foods as before, just less of them. She has more energy than she’s had in years and is able to enjoy more quality time with her daughters.


Marty continues her weight loss journey with Roca Labs and is hopeful she will reach her goal weight within the next few months. She beat cancer and is positive she will beat the fight against fat too! Marty is a survivor and a true inspiration to everyone.

Remember Roca Labs is only a tool in assisting with your weight loss and if you want to succeed and drop the pounds, you MUST be in the right mindset and committed to your weight loss if not, nothing will help you with the battle against FAT.



5 Responses to Weight Loss After Breast Cancer–Marty’s Story using Roca Labs Gastric Bypass NO Surgery

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  3. sharon says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. This should inspire others to never give up.


  4. Kimberly says:

    Marty is an inspiration to all. You decide to lose weight as you want to live longer for the persons who love you. Because of Roca Labs she was able to lose the weight and at the same time look good and feel good!


  5. rogermorillo says:

    Marty thank you for your success story . It is wonderful how you could you down sizes from 22 to 14. I too down sizes from 48 to 38. It makes me happy when I can use clothes that I couldn’t use before Roca Labs. Thank you for write your experiencce .


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