Roca Labs Gastric Bypass NO Surgery for Seniors Weight Loss: Darlene’s Story

Darlene is a 75 year old mother of 5, wife and grandmother. In December of 2012 she weighed 265 pounds. Darlene has struggled with weight most of her adult life. She tried many different weight loss programs and failed to succeed. She would lose some only to gain it all back and more. Darlene was so depressed because of her weight she just didn’t do anything. She wouldn’t visit or go out, she just wanted to hide in her house. She couldn’t even walk without the use of a cane and had to stop to catch her breath after only walking a short distance. Darlene was not even able to pick up or play with her grandchildren. Darlene relied on her husband to do simple tasks for her. If she dropped something, he would have to pick it up for her because she just was not physically able to bend over and pick it up.

Darlene Before (2)

Darlene’s doctor told her if she did not do something soon about her weight she would be in a wheelchair within 2 years and ultimately the excess weight would lead to her untimely death. She knew she had to do something and soon. She immediately  began looking for places to have a gastric bypass surgery done. She was able to find a place in Las Vegas that was willing to do it only with her personal physician’s permission. Darlene’s doctor would not approve her for the risky gastric bypass surgery due to her current age and health. She left the doctors that day thoroughly disgusted and did what she always would when she was feeling that way and went on her computer. The first thing that popped up on her computer was Roca Labs Gastric Bypass NO Surgery. Darlene thought this was the answer to her prayers. She immediately filled out the qualification form and within 24 hours she was notified she was approved for use of the Roca Labs Gastric Bypass formula.

Darlene’s five daughters purchased the Roca Labs formula for her as a Christmas. It was the best Christmas gift she ever got she states. Darlene received her kit within 2 days after shipping and started the Roca Labs procedure the same day and has been losing weight ever since.

Darlene’s Weight by the Months

Starting Weight

265 lbs

February 2013

256 lbs

March 2013

246 lbs

April 2013

238 lbs

May 2013

229 lbs

June 2013

219 lbs

July 2013

210 lbs

August 2013

202 lbs

September 2013

191 lbs

Darlene Globe2

Darlene says this is the easiest weight loss solution she has ever tried. She just prepares a dose in the morning by mixing the formula with cranberry juice and goes on about her day as normal. She feels the gastric bypass effect immediately. She still enjoys food, but just less of it now. She is eating much smaller portions. The anti cravings supplement has helped to control and eliminate her cravings.

Since taking the Roca Labs formula Darlene is now able to do all the things she was not able to do before. She takes walks with her husband, enjoys shopping, and playing with her grandchildren. For the first time since she was a young girl she was able to get back up on a horse and go horseback riding! Darlene feels like a new person, a young person she states.  Her family is so proud of her, now they look forward to having their, wife, mother and grandmother around for a long time!

Darlene horse

Darlene is a true inspiration not only to Seniors struggling with weight loss issues, but for every obese person out there. She  says that if you are a skeptic to trust her she was too and now she is a true believer in Roca Labs procedure and has recommended it to many of her family and friends.

Watch her emotional video and you will be inspired too!

See more success stories from users just like Darlene.


36 Responses to Roca Labs Gastric Bypass NO Surgery for Seniors Weight Loss: Darlene’s Story

  1. claire says:

    Darlene, your story is very inspiring!I hope my weight loss journey will be as successful as yours. You look great!


  2. rogermorillo says:

    When i was using Roca Labs, I saw your video at youtube, it inspired to me a lot. I wanto to say Thank you for your story. I am happy to be able to make many things that i can´t do it before, i feel more enery, more vitality more life. Story like yours show us, Roca Labs is the most safe, healthy and easy way to lose weight that I know.


  3. carolinain says:

    I’m going to get this formula right now for my mom and my grandma. I am soooooooooooooooooo glad that it works and there is something that we can call a miracle too.


    • jenna25jennifer says:

      Carolin you’re right. I hope your mother and grandmother will succeed with it! I did! 3 months on the program and already 57 pound down 🙂 I just looove it!


    • I’m sure you would not regret recommending this to your mom and grandma. It has worked for Darlene and it gave her a new perspective in life. Looking forward to seeing your success story online.


      • Hi Jan. I would also like to see Jennifer’s story online. If she lost 57 pounds in just 3 months…that is amazing. I hope she is doing great and enjoying her new looks 😉


  4. carolinain says:

    Your story inspired me and I can also see that it has inspired many others too. I am surely going to try Roca Labs.


  5. A very inspiring story. Makes me believe that nothing is too late and impossible if you have the right weapon. Roca Labs gave Darlene a new life!


    • jenna25jennifer says:

      Jan I couldn’t agree more! Now even the seniors have the right tool to fight obesity! Congrats to Darlene. She looks amazing!


  6. kimmiehar228 says:

    It is indeed a very inspiring story. Other people in the same situation does not have the determination to lose weight like you did Darlene. Your daughters love you so much. Roca Labs is great product. After seeing your story I will recommend this to my neighbor.


    • Hi Kimmie. Did your neighbour buy the product? I bought it, used it and I feel amazing. I lost 60 lbs and I’m very happy. I still need to lose 25 lbs but I think that I will do that with simply working out. Even thought I finished with my order, I didn’t gain a single pound back and my eating habits are different now. I can eat smaller portions and not to fee hungry at all. Ok…time to hit the gym! 🙂


  7. Carolina says:

    Good work Darlene. You are a great example for us and you have motivated me to purchase it. I can’t wait to get approved and begin using the formula. 🙂


  8. Kristy Green says:

    That’s an inspiring story. I hope I can be as successful as Darlene. I just ordered for the formula package yesterday and I’ve been checking the Internet all day about Roca Labs. Isn’t that obvious how excited I am??? hahaha


  9. Great results Darlene 🙂 I’m on the product for some time now (I think almost a month) and I feel great. I have lost nearly 15lbs (I will see at the end of this week) and I still can’t believe it. It really does work and I would like to thank Roca Labs for it! They provided me a new and healthier life style. I was in the process of having the surgery (it was already scheduled) when I found Roca labs. I figured there’s nothink I could lose so I ordered it. And I don’t regret it at all.


    • jenna25jennifer says:

      Christopher, I’m glad that you’re on the formula and that you lost so much in a short time 🙂 Props up! 🙂 I’m also on the product, but didn’t lose that much. No worries. I have the faith and the will (that’s very importand) that will help me succeed. Hope to hear more from you 🙂


      • Jennifer I’m glad also. Thanks for the props 🙂 It’s good that you have faith in the product. That’s very important. I always read these blogs. They motivate me a lot.


      • jenna25jennifer says:

        They motivate me too 🙂 I don’t really have much support around me (if I had the surgery I would have 100% support from my family and friend – what the hell?!) so I keep reading these blogs and imagine myself without all that extra weight. I can’t wait for the results.


  10. Margaret says:

    A great ispiring story! I like it especially because I also am i seniour and struggle with weight. Thanks for sharing it with us Darlene. I wish you all the best! How far are you now? Are you still using the product?


    • Margaret you are right 🙂 This is a great story and even if I’m not a senior, I’m glad that now even they can lose weight in a healthy way. Who knows, maybe when I become a senior, I will need to lose weight 🙂


      • jenna25jennifer says:

        Hi Christopher. Don’t know about you, but I have no intention getting fat when I’m older. I’m on the Roca Labs for like a month now, lost about 15 pounds (not happy with the weight loss) and I intend to go all the way and keep the weight off as long as possible.


      • Dear Christopher I am a senior and I too need to lose some weight! I’m not a good candidate for the surgery (have high BP and other things which make it very risky for me). Although when I learned that the Roca Labs is suitable for seniors…my hopes were up again. I did some research on what the fat and weight can do to your body…I found good infos on the RL website and I can’t say that I liked it. Not at all!


  11. Mary says:

    A very touching story Darlene! Her daughters did the right thing giving you the product as a present. Very nice of them 🙂 Does anybody know how is Darlene doing now and did she finish with her program?
    I still have a month or two on my schedule and I would like to hear from people who did the whole journey 🙂
    FYI…i love Roca Labs and their product. I can still eat what I want, I have time/energy for my kids and I definitely feel much healthier.


  12. Jennifer says:

    Wow Darlene. You lost a lot and you look great. How is she doing right now? Is she still using it? I started mine two months ago and I feel great. Lost 17lbs, made up my mind and I DO NOT want the surgery. I’m taking it slow and steady and I hope I will have good results as Darlene did.


  13. Carmen says:

    Is it really true??? It can reduce weight of old people?? How about on kids, will the formula work?? I assume it will right? 🙂 Because on their site it shows that even pregnant women can take the Roca Labs formula. It’s for my son actually. He’s just 12 years old and he’s already over 160 lbs.


  14. Camille says:

    I took the formula, did also my success video and have been compensated of what I paid for! Wow! The Roca Labs formula just awarded me with health and wealth! Thank you guys!


    • jenna25jennifer says:

      Don’t be so modest. You deserve some credit as well. I mean, if you weren’t determined…the money spent would be a waste.


  15. teresa cole says:

    That was an amazing and touching story. So far, one of the greatest video sent by a customer of Roca Labs.


    • jenna25jennifer says:

      I was touched by the idea of her daughters 🙂 So original and good. She gave them birth and they gave her her life back. So awesome!


  16. - says:

    I admire your weight loss results after using the Roca Labs Formula. I am myself a former user and I couldn’t be happier with the results. God bless you Darlene!


    • jenna25jennifer says:

      You’re right. Those are great results, especially for an older woman. They have a very hard time trying to lose weight. But Darlene did it. Props for Darlene! 🙂


  17. Jane says:

    Very inspiring story especially for seniors who think they cannot do it. Way to go to Darlene!


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