Diabetes and Weight Loss

Roca Labs Success

Diabetes weight loss, 45lbs lost went from a size 24 to a 14

Roxie is a 43 year old female who has been struggling with weight loss for 25 years. She has tried  most of the diets and weight loss methods out there including; Nutri System, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Sutkamp cookies, and many more more through the years.  Roxie would always lose some weight in the beginning, but always ended up gaining it back plus more. (She would lose 10lbs and gain back 20! ) It was a never ending merry-go-round and she felt a battle she would never win.

Roxie’s Weight Loss History

A year and a half ago Roxie was told by her doctor that she had developed Type2 diabetes. She knew that she had to make some changes in her lifestyle in order to keep her diabetes under control. The extra weight was affecting her health more than she had thought and she had to make some changes in order to regain her health back.

Roxie made some changes, but really didn’t get serious until October 2012 when she fell ill with double pneumonia and was additionally diagnosed with asthma along with some other health problems. She says this was her “AHA” moment and it was time to really get serious about losing weight.

Her breaking point hit when she went to see her doctor and he said to her: ” You’re a beautiful lady, but you’re very very fat”. Roxie knew she was overweight and even FAT, but hearing it from another person out loud really hits you hard. She actually went home from the doctors visit and cried for awhile.

Roxie tried not eating , thinking that would help her lose weight. She would just skip meals altogether, but she knew that this was not a healthy choice and she couldn’t do it long term. She began searching the internet for weight loss solutions. Roxie came across gastric bypass surgery and knew that she needed something as strong as the surgery to help her shed the weight, but before getting surgery she wanted to see if there was something out there just as strong to use to help her win the fight against fat. She just wasn’t ready for an invasive surgery like gastric bypass and frankly she was scared of weight loss surgery. Roxie had known a few people who had actually underwent surgery for weight loss and had suffered from complications and on going medical problems. With all the medical issues Roxie already had she didn’t want to expose herself to anymore risks to her health if she could help it. While she was searching on the internet for weight loss and gastric bypass alternatives she came across the Roca Labs procedure.  As she read, Roxie was thinking this was exactly the tool she was looking for. As she read all through the pages she learned that the Roca Labs procedure gave similar results to a gastric bypass surgery with NO surgery. Best of all the procedure did not have all the side effects or complications of a gastric bypass surgery. Roxie made the decision to place an order that week for the Roca Labs, Silico Gastric Bypass.

Roxie’s Weight Loss Journey with Roca Labs

Roxie filled out a qualification form and within 24 hours she got an email stating she was approved for use of the Roca Labs formula. She was so excited when it came in the mail and surprised that it had gotten to her so fast. She started using the formula the next day. Along with the the formula Roca Labs also sends an anti craving supplement that helps to reduce and eliminate the urge for snacking. This is something that surgery couldn’t even do. Roxie was determined to give it a 110% for at least the first month. She followed all instructions to a “T”, not wanting to fail because of not using the Roca Labs formula properly.

Roxie started her weight loss journey with Roca Labs in the middle of October 2012 and her starting weight was 287.5 pounds. She wore a size 22/24 shirt and a size 22 in pants.

She took the Roca Labs formula in the morning on an empty stomach and mixed the formula with cranberry juice. She would add  juice to the activator then a scoop of formula and wait 10 minutes for the Silico Gastric Bypass to activate.  Roxie would eat as much as the Silico mixture as she could, making sure to drink the required amount of water then and throughout the day. Roxie noticed the effects on the first day. She stated: “The first day you use it you can tell the difference. You just feel full.”

Roxie’s meal plan:

“I do eat 3 meals a day and a snack. I eat smaller portions (usually less than half of what I normally eat). I typically eat oatmeal, fruit or yogurt for breakfast. For lunch I usually have soup, salad or a sandwich. I have popcorn or yogurt for a snack. For dinner I  usually have fish, chicken or steak with a vegetable. Sometimes sweet potatoes. I don”t really say I’m on a diet. If  I want something I eat it. I just don’t go overboard and I try to make healthier selections. For instance- instead of having chips I get fruit. If I want ice cream I get yogurt.”

Roxie uses the anti cravings in late afternoon and found that it really helped her avoid snacking and even better had helped balance her blood sugar levels!

Roxie stated that she personally did not experience any side effects, but the website does state that some common side effects can occur such as:  gas, bloating, dehydration, and diarrhea, but these are generally avoidable and can be overcome with proper use of the formula.

Pounds and Inches Lost

After using the formula for about 4 months Roxie lost 45lbs and dropped down about 10 clothing sizes and is now wearing a size 14. Not only does she look great, she feels great! Her blood levels are all now in the normal range and she is no longer dependent on using prescription medication to keep her Type 2 diabetes under control.

Roxie states: “I’m so thankful that I purchased Roca Labs. It’s the only thing that has worked for me.”

Roxie is still using the formula and hopes to reach her goal weight in a few months. Her progress is amazing , but remember that Roca Labs formula is only a tool to help you with your weight loss. It is YOU who MUST make the decision and have the right mindset in order to succeed. WIth Roca Labs and your own commitment you to can be a success story!


16 Responses to Diabetes and Weight Loss

  1. rogermorillo says:

    Great Roxie!, Your story!, my greatest fear when i was obese was to be diabetic . I thanks to God, I found Roca Labs and give me more life to be with my family been healthy.


  2. Protein Artist says:

    Very inspiring story!


  3. Great job, Roxie! Do you keep to a certain diet when or calorie count along with using Roca Labs? I usually take my Roca Labs 3 days a week and maintain between 1200 and 1500 calories a day. Can you suggest any low carb meals? Thanks 🙂


  4. Rana says:

    Where can I purchase the product from on a legitimate site in the UK, and how much does it cost?


  5. carolinain says:

    Roxie, I just love your efforts and the success that you got in this weight loss journey. I just can’t wait to try Roca Labs!


  6. You’re looking good Roxie! My dad is a diabetic too and needs to lose weight as well. I will recommend this to him


  7. Heather says:

    Hi Roxie I loved your story & I have been on the formula for 1 week & I agree 100% of this being a tool that works for those that see it as a tool, not a easy fix. Thanks for putting your story out there.


  8. jenna25jennifer says:

    Roxie, this is great! I heard so much about this product and I’m really glad that it worked for you. You look fantastic on those photos. How are you doing today? Are you still able to maintain your weight or you gained some pounds back?


  9. Great work Roxie! I was prediabetic (almost developed type 2 diabetes) when I started using the product. And now, I’m far from being diabetic, avoided a dangerous surgery (about to have RNY) and I feel great. My health problem have improved a little (I only use the formula for about 1 month). If feels great to be able to wear older clothers.
    Tell me something. Are you still on the product? How are you feeling today?


  10. Margaret says:

    Wat to go Roxie. I’m really glad that the formula worked for you. Please spread the word out and let everybody know that it really works! All the best!


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