Roca Labs Natural Formula Reviews – Update

Does Roca Labs REALLY Work?

Since the It’s been about 4 months since I posted and I though it was time for an update.  I am happy to report that in the past 8 months using the Roca Labs gastric bypass without surgery and I have lost 71 lbs. Yes! 71 unbelievable pounds. Roca Labs formula works but…. you have to be committed to the procedure just like my doctor told me.

I’m not going to sugar coat my experience and tell you it was easy, and I didn’t do any exercise and ate whatever I wanted. Weight loss no matter what you use to obtain it is a struggle. It’s fast and easy to gain weight, but it takes a long and hard battle to get it back off. I’m not saying Roca Labs was hard to use , really all I had to do was mix it and drink how hard could that be. What the hard part is staying committed to the process. There were days, now get this that I just didn’t feel like making that drink of formula, I would say to myself I’ll do it tomorrow, I don’t have time to do it today I’m running late.  REALLY no time what did it take 2 minutes it was just an excuse. I found myself always making excuses and justifying them. I can’t take it today I have to do this or that. I’ll just do it tomorrow and treat myself today and exercise even harder tomorrow. The problem was today became tomorrow or a week and I paid for it. My mind wasn’t ready to commit. I had a few days like that it was a constant struggle especially on special occasions, dammit I want CAKE!  In short it wasn’t easy to lose weight and yes I had to watch what I put in my mouth and I did exercise. The thing to note here is that each time I took the product I ate less, but if I ate less and I was eating fried food that really didn’t accomplish anything it was still a high calorie food. But I didn’t give up any food. Yes I didn’t snack on junk food everyday, but I also didn’t stop eating the occasional slice of cake or french fries I just didn’t eat them as much as I did before. I would eat some sort of junk food everyday before the difference now is I don’t eat them on a daily basis.

So, how does Roca Labs really work? When Roca Labs tells you, you don’t have to exercise that’s not true. The concept of losing weight is to burn more calories than you take in so if I’m not exercising and eating 1600 calories a day how am I burning calories? When I tell you I exercised I didn’t go to a gym or do work out videos everyday instead I just went for a walk with my dog. First it was only around the block, after a few months it grew to 2 miles. I would take the stairs instead of elevators everywhere I could. I just wanted to get in some physical activity. Same thing with food I didn’t count calories, but I was conscious of what I was putting in my mouth.

I have lost 71lbs in about 8months. Could I have lost more? Yes, but I could have lost a lot less as well. I look at it this way, it’s not how long it takes me to finish the race just as long as I finish. Would I like to lose 5lbs a week and have a 100lb loss in 5 months? Hell yea! Who wouldn’t? But if you want to maintain the weight loss the first step is to change your lifestyle. Be conscious of what you are putting in your mouth,write it all down if you have to. Weight loss is all about living a healthy lifestyle that you can maintain. The problem with fad diets is yes you lose the weight and fast, but if your like me once the diet is done you pick up all those bad eating habits again and gain it all back and then some. I am determined  this time not to make the same mistake. Roca Labs doesn’t work? If you think its a super fast weight loss solution which will magically make you lighter without any effort and commitment, nothing really works this way! The goal is to achieve healthy eating habits and I have done that with Roca Labs. Could I have done it on my own, sure anyone can through diet and exercise, but if anyone can why did we become fat in the first place and why is the diet market so big? It’s because our mind is stronger than any weight loss product on the market including gastric bypass surgery. If your mind isn’t committed you will never lose the weight. Weight loss will only begin when your mind and body are ready for it.

It’s the moral of the Tortoise and the Hare: slow and steady wins the race!

46 Responses to Roca Labs Natural Formula Reviews – Update

  1. SuperEkiss says:

    so you have to buy more formula to continue weight loss? how many of you successfully lost weight and HAD to purchase more, or were you able to keep it up on your own without purchase?

    • Jane says:

      I lost 50 pounds a year ago and I was able to keep it off until last month. But its ok because I only put 5 pounds back on.

  2. Shiquera says:

    I tried it that way and your right it was a little better but I still am having a hard time taking it. I’ll play around with different flavors and I’ll let you know how it goes. Thank you soo much

    • Chub says:

      Try it with a lemonade flavor packet. It gave it that tartness and masked the original taste really well. I haven’t tried it with actual liquid lemonade but I suppose the flavor should be the same.

  3. celene rodriguez says:

    Hi I just got my kit how early should I take the first dose and last and what about the anti craving? Just whenever I feel like having sweets?

    • frannie66 says:

      Hi Celene,

      According to website instructions here:” title=”Suggested Use”> you should take your dose in the morning when you feel comfortable. It should last between 10 -16 hours. You must drink water to help keep the gastric bypass effect in place. The anti cravings should be taken once or twice a day and taken an hour before you normally snack. I take it around 6pm because I tend to snack at 7 or 8 in the evening. Hope this helps!

  4. Chub says:

    I’ve been on Roca Labs for 12 days now….results have bee up and down despite my exercise and low calorie intake. Hopefully I’m not doing anything wrong. I’ve been documenting my progress on my blog:

  5. Wish me luck! I can do this, starting it in the morning :)

  6. Tina says:

    I’m starting it in the morning, I’m so excited!

  7. Liza_G says:

    I just re-ordered for another set of th e formula package. I should supposed to be okay with the first set since I lost 48 lbs already, but I decided to order for another set to make it as my maintenance. Roca Labs is a gift for me…

  8. Brii says:

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could tell me if I’m able to get roca labs through my doctor with a prescription ?

  9. Amy says:

    Well, today is my first day with Roca Labs, and I have to tell you.. I wanted to just say BLEH to the taste and consistency to this stuff. It made me sick to my stomach AT FIRST, because I have a weak stomach.. Yeah, I am a sissy, BUT, by afternoon, I found that I had only eaten a cup of yogurt and felt FULL… for the first time in my life… I feel like I CAN DO THIS!! I need to lose about 85 lbs, but will be totally satisfied with 60. I am SO glad to read such positive results here… THANK YOU

  10. Mary says:

    71 pounds in 8 months? That’s great. I use the formula only for 4 months and I lost 38 lbs. I feel great and I’m happy that I ordered it! Much easier than weight loss surgery. And safer also :) Keep us posted please. I would like to know how you’re doing right now :)

    • shiquera says:

      How did you mix your formula? Did you let it thicken first? I need advice, the roca labs people are no help

      • frannie66 says:

        Shiquera, It is best to eat it after it thickens. I know some can’t take the texture, but you can experiment with different flavors and find what suits you best. I ate a tsp. and immediately drank a gulp of water. Like taking a medicine. I just swallowed and quick drank water. That works for me. Don’t give up!

  11. Jennifer says:

    I agree with Ellaine. There’s no such a thing as 100% of all customers r sastisfied. I use the product for 2 months, and I feel great. I only think about it in the morning, when i’m mixing it and that’s all. And the beast part is that I can still eat all the things i use to eat before.

  12. Steve P says:

    I can’t believe how fast it reduced my weight. It’s pretty obvious that it was effective to me because a lot of people don’t even recognized me now. I’m just thankful that I tried this Roca Labs formula.

  13. Madeline says:

    About the Tortoise and the Hare story, I think I possess the character of the Hare because of a FAST weight reduction, and hopefully will end up as the character of the Tortoise! :) So far so good. I didn’t like the taste at the beginning but I was able to adjust to it.

  14. Leslie says:

    The best thing about this Roca Labs is that it’s considered as a dietary supplement. I did so much research about this product before I take it. There were really negative comments, like side effects that includes bloating. But it never happened to me, nor my sister in law who’s taking the product. I guess it’s water therapy that those guys need.

  15. Ruth says:

    I almost lost hope until I found this Roca Labs Gastric Bypass No Surgery Formula. I was about to risk my life and undergo the Lap Band Surgery, but after I saw a big difference on one of my colleagues that’s taking the formula, I also tried it and all others in the office did the same!It’s really working! Two thumbs up to the Roca Labs team!

  16. teresa cole says:

    I have diabetes. After I found out about this Roca Labs formula, I didn’t hesitate to try it. And I was right, aside from losing weight, I’m able to control my blood sugar level and I’m feeling better compared before.

  17. Mary Ann says:

    I’m interested in getting this formula even though I’m still a bit skeptical. It’s about what they say that there’s “almost zero side effects” that made me decide to try this. I hope those possible side effects is minor

  18. Jane says:

    Slow and steady wins the race. I believe in that. Losing weight is not an easy thing to do, You have to be determined to do it. Commit to exercise daily. The hardest thing to do is to stay away from carbohydrates and sweets. Roca Labs has the answer to that.When you buy, the kit comes with Anti-Cravings, it is designed to help you control your cravings for carbohydrates and sweets.

    • Sally says:

      Slow and steady is the way to win. Weight loss is not a race. Roca labs gastric bypass no surgery procedure helped me to lose 28lbs in 4 months. Could I have lost more? Probably, but I didn’t gain any weight as long as you are losing you are winning. Roca Labs anti cravings works wonders for cravings and as an added side effect it helped me to quit smoking! I had no desire to smoke! Look at this woman who lost 65lbs: she looks great and better yet she improved her diabetes. As with any weight loss method you use, you have to be in the mindset to lose weight or you won’t lose any. Never be upset with yourself because you only lost a pound or two.

  19. Horace says:

    I thought it was a scam like other pills or supplements, but after the result that I saw with my best friend, I went ahead, do some research and proceed with my order. The best thing about this Roca Labs formula is that it’s 100% natural and safe.

  20. Adrienne says:

    I used to be a diet pill believer, I’ve been using it for almost a year and tried different variants of diet pills in the market. Until I realized that this is not working for me as I have only lose 5-6 lbs for almost a year and I even got dehydrated due to the side effect if having an irregular bowel. That’s why I tried searching on the computer and found the Roca Labs. I ordered the Formula last June and still using it until now. I never been this satisfied with the result that I’ve got Just for the first 3 months of using the formula I already lose 52 lbs. That’s why I’m still using it because I am looking forward to lose at least another 30 lbs to reach my ideal body weight.

    • jamie says:

      So how long have you been on Roca Labs? I’ve been looking into if for a while now, a couple of months ago I was approved but never ordered the product. That’s alot of money to throw away.

      • shiquera says:

        I agree… and i just waisted over $500 its not for me, i dont konow if its just me or if im not doing it correctly but i can not drink it… I have two full shipments and i can not even use this product. Please make sure that its for you unless you have $$ to throw away. I should have done more research but i guess i need to just take it as a loss :-(

  21. Ali says:

    Im waiting to hear back from Roca labs. I applied on Friday, and im guessing i will find out on Monday if im approved. I have done HCG and that in my opinion is the hardest diet out there. I lost 70 pounds with that, and it slowly came back on…you just cannot eat 500 calories all of the time. I go to the gym at least 5 times a week for zumba, swimming, elliptical and light weight lifting, along with eating a heatlhy diet, and i still cannot lose the weight on my own :( So, im hoping Roca labs accepts me. I had my thyroid removed, so they might deny me because of that.

  22. reina oliva says:

    Where o how que i get roca lab? ?? Pls help

  23. Jamie says:

    I only lost 15 pounds in 1 month using the roca labs surgery. I am 350 pounds…this is not going to work for me, I need to lose more :( I think I will start exercising to see if that help with my weight loss.

    • frannie66 says:

      Hi Jamie, 15lbs in one month that is great! Never give up. We all lose at different speeds. Yes, incorporating some exercise along with the use of Roca Labs formula will certainly accelerate your weight loss. Remember the moral of the story of the tortoise and the hair its slow and steady that wins the race. Losing weight isn’t about seeing who can lose the most the fastest, its about losing it and keeping it off. Roca Labs formula teaches us new eating habits and that’s what will make us win this fight against FAT!

    • Ali says:

      Jamie, 15 pounds in a month is great! With any diet, exercise is recommended! Start with swimming, something low impact and go from there. Also, 15 pounds a month is good as the extra skin will have time to shrink back up :)

    • BJS says:

      I have not started Roca Labs yet, Waiting for my kit excitedly I might add. I think 15lbs a month is a good start. I am hoping to loose 15lbs a month, that’s my goal. Keep with it, as most of us here have a eating disorder We need to change our way of thinking and mindset. I was 115 lbs 20 years ago and don’t really want to go back to there but maybe 160. I believe that would be a healthy weight for me.

  24. Maryann says:

    The company says that 28% of customers are approved to start using the weight loss procedure but I think it is less than that. I do not understand why Roca Labs declined my application. I am really committed to lose weight. How can I get the Formula somewhere else? I am 5’6 and weight 210 pounds and my co-worker Nancy was approved around 2 months ago and she has lost 20 pounds so far. Her situation was really similar to mine, so how come I was not approved? I need to lose weight, please help….

    • frannie66 says:

      Maryann, As I understand it the company has a doctor review all the applications for approval. You should contact the company I am sure they would let you know why you were not approved. You should also try consulting with your doctor and see if you purchase through him/her.

    • frannie66 says:

      Maryann, did you get an answer from Roca Labs on why your were not approved? As I understand there is a medical team that reviews all applications and you have to meet certain requirements in order to be approved for use of the formula. From personal experience I know you must not have any allergies to wheat or grain, have kidney problems and be able to drink the required amount of water in order to use the formula safe. I also understand they are strict on approving only those that are truly committed to losing the weight. I hope you got your answer. Keep us posted as we would all be interested in knowing why some are approved for the gastric bypass formula and others not.


  25. Sensei says:

    I’am also overweight and I need to lose 85lbs. I can’t move freely because of my excess weight. I consider to undergo Gastric bypass surgery but I’am afraid due to many complications that I have heard plus the price!. I tried to search more information online and also found the site of the Roca Labs Formula. I saw one page on the site – and it shows the price difference between the surgery and the Formula and it is really true! That’s a great help in my decision to go with the Formula and I was not disappointed since it works well for me. I’m using it for 3 month now and I have lost 46lbs.

  26. Amy says:

    My sister has been struggling with being overweight most of her life. When I introduced this Roca Labs I found online to her, it was the start of her serious journey in losing weight. I admit I did have some doubts after seeing some negative comments of this Formula here and there and she has tried almost every diet you can think of but no luck. I was even surprised my sister was losing weight. We are seeing results finally and she is even more motivated this time. We are looking forward to create her success video soon. Good luck to you and to all other users of this amazing product. I’m just so happy for my sister and want to share her result to motivate others too.

    • frannie66 says:

      The thing is with the negative comments you see them on anything and everything. The thing with Roca Labs gastric bypass alternative is you have to make it work, you have to want it and be committed. If you’re not committed to following the procedure correctly you won’t lose weight. You will just waste your money. Just like any other weight loss method out there. Just like some people have success with other weight loss methods and others don’t it is up to the individual how they use the tool they are given. It works for me and its easy to do and in my opinion the best weight loss method out there!

      • Jane says:

        Right, weight loss is not an easy thing to do, You have to be determined to succeed. I have read several reviews for several weight loss programs. Roca Labs offers a hassle free weight loss solution. No surgery involved, the formula will create a gastric bypass effect in your stomach,makes you feel full so you will eat little in the process. What else can you ask for?

      • Ellaine says:

        Negative comments are normal. There’s no such products or services that all customers are 100% satisfied. With this Roca Labs formula, it’s a lot better, cheaper and safer compared to other weight loss procedures like weight loss surgery, pills etc.

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