Roca Labs Natural Formula Review – A Personal Weight Loss Journey

My Weight Loss History

Hello my name is Fran. I am a middle aged woman in my early 40’s. I’ve been overweight most of my entire adult life. In 2010 I topped the scales at 235 pounds, I was morbidly obese!  At that moment I knew it was time to take control of my weight because it was taking a toll on my overall health. I found it difficult to do everyday activities. I often couldn’t complete a task without becoming short of breath. My cholesterol and blood sugar levels were extremely high putting me more at a risk for heart disease and diabetes. I sought the advice from my doctor. He advised me that I had to be put on a strict diet to lose weight or have gastric bypass surgery done if not my health would just continue to deteriorate.

Weight Loss Methods Comparison

I tried most of all the diet plans out there, Atkins, which lasted only a week. I’m of Italian decent and no way could I give up my bread and pasta! I tried the prepackage meals, which just left me hungry, and forget about Weight Watchers I’m a mom of 5 kids and a grandson I didn’t have time to go to Weight watchers meetings, and weight watchers online wasn’t any better. I tried the Alli diet pills, but they just left me running for the bathroom! I was beginning to think there was no hope left but gastric bypass surgery.

One day while I was surfing the web for alternatives to gastric bypass surgery I came across this site that claimed to have gastric bypass results without the surgery. It had to be false! How can something you drink take the place of actual gastric bypass surgery?

I was desperate to get this weight off and had to do something before my next doctors appointment in a month because if I didn’t I was going to have to start the procedure for gastric bypass surgery. I searched the net for Roca Labs reviews among other information. I had already lost enough money on diet schemes and wasn’t about to lose anymore.

My Journey with Roca Labs Gastric Bypass Alternative

I logged onto Roca Labs website and was impressed by all the success stories they had posted there. I researched more and found many people in the same situation that I was in. This was different from the rest of the diet plans I had been on. I knew I had to do something about my weight, but going under the knife for surgery was out of the question! I had to get myself on the track to a healthy lifestyle. I went on Roca Labs live chat and spoke to a representative. I had a lot of questions. Like how does it work, how does it compare to gastric bypass surgery or a plan such as weight watchers, and most important what are the side effects? They were very informative and answered all my questions. They informed me that one of the ingredients in the formula was beta glucan, which helps blood sugar levels and that the anti-cravings supplement would help me control my cravings. This was fascinating to me. If this was really true, this is something even gastric bypass surgery or weight watchers couldn’t do. I decided to order and start my journey to a healthy lifestyle. The cost was $480 which seems like a lot for a diet, but if this really worked like it said it did I would be saving a lot more money on food and improve my health.

Bottom Line: Roca Labs is Real – I started losing weight from the first day of the procedure just like my doctor told me. However, it is not as easy (but easier than gastric bypass surgery)

Before and After with Roca Labs Gastric Bypass

I am too shy to record myself for a video review but I kind of identify with these 3 Roca Labs Reviews here showing their success stories with before and after.

It really can’t be too hard if so many people are getting results from the very beginning! I found countless great reviews from people who share their weight loss journey in the form of vblogs. Here are some of my favorites, watch them and fuel your inspiration. Trust me, success is contagious!

Here is Tanya’s success story… if this doesn’t inspire you, I don’t know what will!

How does the thought of going for an invasive surgery to lose weight at the age of 76 sound? Scotty lost weight safely and without surgery… amazing?

I just love Annette, she proves how powerful Roca Labs is even if you are not overly obese and merely want to maintain you “ideal” weight. That’s the toughest of all weight loss goals!

Two days after ordering from Roca Labs, my package arrived. The package was prepared so nicely I felt like I was opening a Christmas gift. I was excited to get started. After reading all the instructions I prepared my first dose. I was committed to following this to a “T”. I was not about to let food control me anymore; I wanted to control the food! To my surprise it didn’t taste so bad.I mixed it with some Crystal light raspberry tea and it was good! Immediately afterwards I had this full feeling in my stomach as if it was smaller. Around lunch time I prepared myself a turkey sandwich and salad. I could not even finish the sandwich! I was shocked! This was amazing. I felt I finally had my food portions under control. I could not believe that I was satisfied eating only half a sandwich I literally had no room in my stomach for anymore than that.  This feeling continued each time I took the formula. After one week I weighed myself and I couldn’t believe what the scale said. I had lost 6 pounds! Ok some of it may have been water weight, but still it was a loss. I decided to not weigh myself again to after a full month already passed because I wanted to make sure that the initial weight loss was true and not only water. A month to the day I weighed in again and my total lost for the month was 19.5 pounds! I was on my way to a healthy lifestyle.

I went to the doctors that same month and he was almost as excited as I was with my weight loss. He said if I continued to lose weight and my blood sugar levels continued to come down that I would decrease my chance of developing diabetes and I would not have to do the gastric bypass surgery. He asked what I was doing to lose weight. If i was on a weight loss plan or just watching what I ate or counting calories. I told him I was using Roca Labs weight loss formula and to my shock he had heard of it. He asked me to give him the information on Roca Labs because of my success he wanted to recommend to other patients that were struggling with their weight. He wanted to follow up with me again in a month to make sure I was still on the right path of losing weight and a healthy lifestyle. I understood because with many of the diet plans I was on I would stick to them for about a month and fall back into my old routine and begin gaining the weight back.

The following month I returned to my doctor and had lost an additional 14 pounds. Not as much as the first month, but I was still losing. My doctor did more blood work and checked my blood sugar levels. A few days later he called me with the results. My cholesterol had dropped 8 points and my blood sugar levels were now completely normal and not in the danger zone! I couldn’t have been happier. I was not only feeling better, but I was looking better as well. My husband was impressed with my weight loss and started telling friends and family how proud he was of me for getting myself on track with a healthy lifestyle. My mother was also impressed when she seen my blood sugar levels because she was a diabetic herself and had always worried about me having to deal with the complications of diabetes.

Does Roca Labs Really Work?

I saw some people posting that Roca Labs promises a 100lbs+ weight loss and they could not lose more than 68lbs or so they think it is too good to be true. Others, like me in the beginning, did not use it correctly. Bottom line: probably the strongest weight loss without surgery out there on the market but you have to really want to lose your weight in order to succeed.

From personal experience using the Roca Labs plan I can say it works!. This is my personal journey and review. It has been 8 months now and I’m happy to say that I now weigh 187lbs. I am continuing to lose and am hoping by the end of summer I will be at 145lbs. I welcome any comments or words of advice to help me along my journey.


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55 Responses to Roca Labs Natural Formula Review – A Personal Weight Loss Journey

  1. Faith says:

    Is this all true? Ive been “trying” to lose weight for my wedding for almost a year (I say trying bc I get so discouraged over not losing that I just give up). Im just wondering how people have done on this. I read great reviews, then read that its all a scam and that the good reviews are all false stories. Ive wasted a lot of money on weight loss gimmicks before, and I definitely cant afford to lose money now…I just need to lose FAT!

    • Hi Faith, I understand how you feel. I have been trying to lose weight for over 6 months and had lost nothing but money. I wasn’t overweight enough to have surgery, but I was still FAT and considered obese.
      A friend of mine used the Roca Labs gastric bypass alternative and lost over 85 pounds. This convinced me to buy it. I started using it a little over 2 and half months ago and I am down 41 lbs. :) I couldn’t be happier. I still have another 40 to go, but I am confident I will lose it thanks to Roca Labs. It was easy to do. The texture takes some getting used to it, but you get over that when you see the results it brings.
      Good luck and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

      Check out You Tube for more reviews and pics

  2. carolinain says:

    Wow Fran, I would love to see your improved results pictures. I am so excited about Roca Labs. I just received my kit and I am highly motivated and inspired by your story that I guess I will be able to accomplish my dream of getting smart quite soon.

  3. carlos says:

    Hi first off amazing job keep it up. I just started. Could you tell me what you thought you did wrong in the beginning.

    • frannie66 says:

      I didn’t drink all the required amount of water and was losing the effect to fast. I started following the instructions to a tee and the weight just came off so easy!

  4. Sharon says:

    Can you take this product if you had a lapband 8 years ago

  5. Joni says:

    I ordered a week ago standard mail and have not received it yet. Does anyone know how long it takes to get?

  6. Thanks for ones marvelous posting! I quite enjoyed reading it, you can be a great
    author.I will remember to bookmark your blog and will come back in the future.
    I want to encourage that you continue your great posts, have a nice weekend!

  7. Janet green says:

    I been on it for about 7 days work out gain 2 pounds lots of water what’s
    Am I doing wrong

    • frannie66 says:

      Hi Janet,
      I hope your weight loss has started back up. Sometimes when we try and lose weight and cut our calories are bodies will allow us to lose weight in the beginning and then we stop or gain and have done nothing different. What happens from what I researched is our bodies go into starvation mode and anything we eat gets stored as fat because our body is afraid it will not get more food for fuel. Believe it or not just by adding a few more calories to your diet and continue to exercise you will start losing again. Your body will realize it does not need to store the food. A few calories can be a glass of milk or half a sandwich. No more than 500 calories a day should work. Let me know if that helps. It worked for me when I got stuck :)

    • Peggy says:

      Consult your physician. The Roca plan requires large amounts of water consumption. It is possible you flushed out too much salt, potassium, minerals, etc. This causes water retention in the interstitial tissues. A simple low dose, cheap potassium pill may help your situation. Too much potassium is as dangerous as too little.

  8. Will Bray says:

    I am going to give it a try and see how this method turns out. I am a frequent victim of back issues and I do not want to go through any form of surgery. if anyone has any input concerning the Roca Lab program please give some feedback or suggestions to my e-mail.

    • frannie66 says:

      Best of luck Will with your weight loss. I also suffered from back problems and I can tell you from personal experience that losing the weight helped extremely. I’m not going to lie, I still suffer from back pain, but it is not as severe as when I was heavier. Keep me posted on how you are making out.

    • frannie66 says:

      Hi Will,

      How are you doing with the Roca Labs. I too have back issues and did not want to endure surgeries for it. I had a few epidurals and even gave the spinal stimulator a trial, but I did not care for it, but I find with the weight loss my back pain is not as severe as it was in the past. Roca Labs helped me get the weight down, but I do still have some back issues due to an injury and I can say it has improved with weight loss. I hope it helps you as well. Keep us posted!

    • Hi Will. I don’t have back issues but I still didn’t want to go with the surgery. It costs really much and when I read about the possible complications and the care after the surgery…thank you but ‘NO’. Roca Labs was much cheaper and it is muche asier to use. I love it so much!

  9. Carol Brady says:

    Just ordered my Roca Labs product yesterday. Can’t wait to get started. Your blog has truly inspired me.

    • frannie66 says:

      Hi Carol,

      I know its been a while since I have been on here; sometimes that thing called life gets in the way. lol How are you making out with your weight loss using Roca Labs? If I can assist in anyway please comment and I will do my best to share any advice. Also Roca Labs has a support team of coaches as well that are always willing to help. Keep us all posted and best of luck!

    • Carol, congratulations. Keep us posted on your results. I’m very itnerested :)

  10. Pat says:

    how goes the Roca lab formula use after nearly a year use? I am waiting for delivery of the product in the hope of shedding 70+ pounds.

    • frannie66 says:

      Pat, I hope you have had success with the Roca Labs formula. After more than a year I can tell you I lost over 90lbs. I had set backs, but always managed to get back on track. The main thing is to keep your mind set and commit to it. Don’t ever give up. Keep us all posted on your Roca Labs journey!

  11. Charlotte wall says:

    Hi, im writing to you from the UK , I am ordering my 6 month kit next Sarurday and I am so excited. I have around 110 pounds to lose and I am determined not to have yet another “fat summer”!!!

    • frannie66 says:

      Hi Charlotte, I hope this reply finds you in a thin summer and now almost fall. I have been so busy and I apologize for not keeping up. I would love to hear how Roca Labs is working for you!

  12. Elaine says:

    Is this safe if you had gastric bypass 10years ago and have gained 50lbs?

    • frannie66 says:

      Elaine I know this is a late reply as I have stated been away from my blog for to long. However I did see on Roca Labs site that people who have had previous weight loss surgery can use the formula. Hope you found your answer there!

  13. Pam says:

    Hi! I have lost almost 80 pounds in less than one year using the Roca Labs no surgery gastric bypass. My concern is that I haven’t lost any more weight in the last month. I still need to lose 40 pounds and I don’t understand why I am on a halt…

    • frannie66 says:

      Hi Pam, First congratulation on your weight loss! I hope this post finds you back on track with your weight loss and Roca Labs. Please keep us all posted. Would love to hear how you are doing now!

  14. Ginger says:

    I also have been doing research on the formula and am happy to find your blog. I have already ordered my Roca formula and very excited to get started. Thank you for your post and your picture is an inspiration to me!

    • frannie66 says:

      Thank you Ginger and good luck with your weight loss journey. Remember only you can make it happy and support from others. If I can be of any help let me know :)

      • Geneva says:

        Hi Fran, I just happened upon your blog and am wondering if you are still using the formula? or have you reached your goal? I am on day one and so far yes, I do feel that “small” stomach feeling. I typically eat more than I should on any given day, but so far today I have only had – Breakfast (1 hard boiled egg, couple of slices of pineapple and a few grapes) and it took me 2 hours to eat that. Lunch – small salad and I mean small. Mid-afternoon meal – Vegan curry (potatoes & butter beans) about 1/2 worth. and I am stuffed! Of course I have also been drinking lots of water. Anyway I am hopeful that you have maintain and have continued with your succes!!!

    • frannie66 says:

      Ginger how have you done with the Roca Labs formula? I hope this post finds you well. Please let me know how you have done and if there is anything I can assist you with. I am no weight loss expert, but I can share my opinions and suggestions :)

  15. Tammy says:

    fun writeup. thanks for sharing your insights. been coming across this a lot and had been wondering what is roca labs. congrats on your weight loss

  16. Marylynn says:

    I too was going to order then searched it and saw all the negative blogs and changed my mind! Then came across your blog and it has changed my mind again I’m going to give it a try! I hope I have the success as every one of you!

    • frannie66 says:

      Let me know how you made out Marylynn, I am glad that I could help you change your mind, It really has worked miracles for me in getting rid of the unwanted pounds, I am hoping this will be my summer and look great in shorts!

  17. becky says:

    i am curious to jnow if you experienced gas, bloating, constipation? I sometimes struggle with IBS symptoms and dont want to do anything to aggravate that. but i have 60 pounds to lose and i am miserable.

    • Rachal F. says:

      I talked to the medical department at Roca Labs and they referred me to which basically explains that we probably over ate and that is why we had the side effects of gases and mainly bloated stomach.

      I read someone else’s review and they think that dosage should be reduced. I am losing weight fast and will “quietly (LOL) suffer” these light side effects for losing 80lbs and avoiding the surgery.

      Rachel F.

  18. Sensei says:

    That’s a great success and I am so glad that I found this blog to see other people’s success in using the Formula. I’ve been using the Formula for 2 months now and it works well. The result is gradual, maybe that’s really how the Formula works but I am really happy with the result.

    • Rachal F. says:

      My name is Rachel F. from Oregon and I am a skeptical person but thanks to this blog I bought the Roca Labs Gastric Bypass and it was amazing: on the first day of the use I felt like I have underwent a gastric bypass surgery because I felt that “small stomach” effect and I barely ate!

      I don’t ever remember feeling so GOOD about me weight and myself. However, as I am skeptical, I decided to postpone judgment for a week.

      10 days later, the gastric bypass effect remains and I eat half as the Roca Labs doctors told it will be. I lost 6lbs and gained confidence. However, I have some side effects like gases… which is better than the terrible gastric bypass complication I read about.

  19. AndreaB says:

    Hi Frannie, I just found the website on the roca labs and have been looking over various reviews and came across yours, I see that you started last January and wanted to see how you are doing with the products. I am currently 5′ 3″ and weigh 270 and am so sick of being overweight and have tried so many diets and failed. I have grandchildren that I am not able to do much with because of my weight and am looking a for something that will work. Can you give me anymore details on this product and what your average weight loss has been each month?

  20. Mari says:

    Wow …Frannie, I so happy to hear about your weight loss. Thinking seriously about ordering this product. Tired of being overweight.

  21. Sammer says:

    Hello Frannie,
    So happy about your wait loss journey. I’m just waiting for my order to arrive hopefully I will have success like you and many others have using the rocalabs. I still wish you the best.

  22. Martin says:

    Hello Frannie, no question about your success. I am just curious since you have been using the formula for quite a while now, how much did you spend or I mean how many orders did you have to make? I see that it’s not cheap so I may not afford it if I had to pay $400 everytime to lose more than 100lbs.

    • frannie66 says:

      Hello Martin :)

      I have only purchased 1 complete kit and another 2 month supply of the powder a few months later. The company let’s returning customers purchase only the formula powder at a lower cost. My total investment was only like $500 which was a small price to pay to me for my weight loss. Trust me when I tell you I spent a lot more on weight loss programs and never had the success I have with this product.

  23. Janice says:

    I have been looking around the net for info about this product and im concerned about safety….this lady said she lost 25 pounds in 2 weeks. That most ceratinly cannot be healthy, right? How safety is this product?

    • frannie66 says:

      I can’t speak for her, my weight loss wasn’t that fast and to date I weigh in at 164lbs. I have been using the product for almost 8 months and have lost about 71lbs. The ingredients are all healthy fibers no chemicals and I haven’t experienced any bad side effects. The website does say to lose weight slowly and I check in with my doctor so it is healthy for me. But I agree 25lbs in 2 weeks is not healthy!

  24. True says:

    Me as well and I was afraid but it is not since my neighbor got hers and she is doing good in losing her weight gradually. I’m also interested to order..hoping on my next pay day

  25. Carla says:

    I am very happy to hear your progress. It gives me hope :) I have been using Roca Labs for 1 month and lost 12 pounds, hopefully I will keep losing like you. Thank you so much for posting your experience.

  26. Wow! look at that, All I can say is amazing! I am a user, too and I did’t lose much as you did since I am really not obese just a little baby weight to lose. I am now constantly maintaining. Glad to be able to see a fellow Roca Labs user. Good luck and stay healthy!

    • frannie66 says:

      Thank you Holly! I am happy to say I have lost 71lbs so far and couldn’t be happier with my weight loss. I hope you are still doing well. It was a long journey and had to get over some obstacles, but the results speak for themselves! I have about 25-30 more pounds to go, but I’m losing steady so hopefully by the end of summer I will reach my goal :)

  27. Debby Gary says:

    Ive been on it a week and Ive lost 13 pounds. Im glad I found out about this formula. It really works

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